Dust flux, Vostok ice core

Dust flux, Vostok ice core
Two dimensional phase space reconstruction of dust flux from the Vostok core over the period 186-4 ka using the time derivative method. Dust flux on the x-axis, rate of change is on the y-axis. From Gipp (2001).

Monday, August 27, 2012

The True American Show

A nice movie depicting a long-running TV series starring True American as himself; written and conceived by the CFR.

True American is an everyman, living in what appears to be paradise. Here, surrounded by eternally smiling neighbours, the news is always good (except when it comes from any part of the world that isn't America). He and his neighbours' sunny reactions to news of the various American armed interventions around the world is secured by their knowledge that everything is as it should be; for they have liberal, democratic values.

"The Iraqis don't mind the constant drone attacks--they know we have their best interests at heart!"

"They only hate us for our freedoms!"

He is constantly reassured that he is living in the finest place on earth.

The rest of the world is a real hellhole!

Unknown to True American, however, his entire world is a fabrication, in a man-made bubble, sealed off from the chaos of the real world. The masterful choreographer of his world is a mysterious man (Rupert) who manages True American's perception of the world--but from time to time, little portions of the truth manage to slip past our hero's formidable defenses.

Here falling interest rates (just before they hit zero) are not accompanied by lower unemployment.

"You've got to listen to me! This isn't the real world! The rest of the world views American foreign policy as naked aggression! They don't hate us for our freedoms--they hate us for what we've done to them!" -- "Okay, let's have falafel instead of pizza then!"

True American is flabbergasted by these tiny glimpses of the truth--but each time, Rupert (through various surrogates) is able to calm him down with a reasonable explanation.

"Well, of course unemployment didn't fall. The economy in the rest of the world is too weak! If not for the European sovereign debt crisis (see newspaper headline) our economic models would work perfectly!"

"I'm sorry--she's completely crazy! A conspiracy theorist! Always going on about black helicopters, Ron Paul, and 9-11! Don't worry--it's not your fault. She's sick!"

His best friend is always ready to drop by with a six-pack of beer and reassurances.

Friends don't let friends think and drive.

Foreign policy issues are always carefully framed to include insignificant differences to create the illusion of meaningful debate.

"We should continue with our policy of sanctions on Iran, and only resort to bombing if they continue in their intrasigence." -- "I respectfully disagree. We should bomb them immediately, and if they continue resisting world opinion, follow up with continued sanctions."

Eventually the truth crashes through True American's defences.

Fox News assured me that nuclear power was safe!

Stumbling on another bit of the truth.

This time the hurried cover-up is to no avail.

Confronting the truth is painful.

But Rupert's control of reality is too strong. Facing the truth is painful--very much so. Far easier to avoid the truth. Especially when the Superbowl (or the Kardashians) is on TV.

"You'd feel better if you'd just kick back and watch the game with me. Have another beer!"

Viewers of the show can call in and talk to Rupert about the show. A common question is why True American is unable to see beyond Rupert's illusions.

"We accept the world as it is presented to us. If True American really wished to discover the truth, I would be unable to prevent him from doing so. But he is much happier in my artificial world than he would be in the real world. Since there are so many painful consequences to seeking the truth, he quite rightly prefers to live in my artificial world."

And so, True American is never able to escape his prison. (What, you thought he did? You must be thinking of another movie).

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  1. "They hate us for what we've done to them" is more simplistic nonsense, a lurch from one illusion to another.

    1. I've often wondered--are you paid by the hour or by the comment? Do page views count? If so, stick to ZH--the number of eyes on this blog couldn't possibly be worth it.