Dust flux, Vostok ice core

Dust flux, Vostok ice core
Two dimensional phase space reconstruction of dust flux from the Vostok core over the period 186-4 ka using the time derivative method. Dust flux on the x-axis, rate of change is on the y-axis. From Gipp (2001).

Friday, June 27, 2014

As Russia had its East Germany, so the United States has its Canada

In the bad old days of NATO and the Soviet bloc, East Germany was the snarling dog of the Communist world.

It was East Germany that had the Stasi, and the tightest control over the thoughts and actions of its people. East German athletes went the farthest in terms of steroid usage in order to bring glory to the country through athletic accomplishment.

Today, Canada is moving into that role for the United States. Where even the US is talking about engaging with Iran to formulate a response to ISIS in Iraq, and Britain is set to reopen its embassy, Canada remains opposed to talking with Iran. Canada's position with respect to Israel is now so far to the right as to be indistinguishable from the Likud.

The role of the snarling dog is to appear so unhinged as to make its "master" seem reasonable.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

World Gold Council discovers reasons to invest in gold

In today's astonishing publication, the WGC has announced that it has discovered that gold is poorly correlated to equities and is impacted by the business cycle differently than other commodities; consequently it may be good for something other than jewelry.

Link here.

Is there a connection with this story?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A friendly letter to the media

Dear BBC, WaPo, CBC, et al.

I wish to lodge a complaint. What you present is news is nothing but a lousy pack of lies.

Please don't misunderstand. I am well aware of your role in society, and understand the lying is what you do. That isn't what I am complaining about. What I am complaining about is the lousiness of your lies.

It is becoming increasingly easy to find contradictory evidence disproving your lies posted on various social media, blogs, and alternative media sites. The fact that your lies are so easily seen to be lies offends me--it makes me think you don't think very highly of my intelligence.

It wouldn't bother me that much, but to be honest, I'm worried for you. If you don't shape up, you may be retired (in the Blade Runner sense of the word).

Do try to do better. Lots of us are rooting for you.