Dust flux, Vostok ice core

Dust flux, Vostok ice core
Two dimensional phase space reconstruction of dust flux from the Vostok core over the period 186-4 ka using the time derivative method. Dust flux on the x-axis, rate of change is on the y-axis. From Gipp (2001).

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Some stats for the blog in 2013

Happy New Year.

This year there was pretty good agreement between google-analytics and statcounter (at least for page views).

Top cities were Toronto, New York (tied), Singapore, London (England), Sydney, Gistel (Belgium), Melbourne, and Vancouver. Singapore actually led for most of the year, which was fitting as the first month's postings were from there, but fell back in November.

Most viewed site was once again Atlantis lost and found again; followed by The magic ends, part 2; Why we face ruin; Economic policy and price of gold; Gold guarantee blowing up in Singapore; and Evolution of the Case-Shiller index. You see, this is why the climate stuff has almost disappeared from the blog.

Judging by the number of visits, Captain Bernanke's adventures in the black hole will move down the list and possibly vanish from the most visited sites later this year.

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