Dust flux, Vostok ice core

Dust flux, Vostok ice core
Two dimensional phase space reconstruction of dust flux from the Vostok core over the period 186-4 ka using the time derivative method. Dust flux on the x-axis, rate of change is on the y-axis. From Gipp (2001).

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sudden snow in Wuhan

It's really nice to have a little time to stop and look at the flowers.

Hothouse in the Botanical gardens. Outside, the tulips were up, but not blossoming.

Yesterday, a snowstorm hit. I had planned to go the Yellow Crane pagoda temple complex anyway.

The Yellow Crane Pavilion.

A peek inside.

Views from different levels.

Flowers interrupted.

Anyway, off to Changsha today.

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